Books to Buy

Books to Buy

Heroine or Villainess?

I decided to start “listening” to the voices and stories of the women within scripture’s pages from a woman’s point of view, for we know God created woman with good intent.

To woman God gave

  • The power to bring forth life
  • To be strength
  • To have and give courage
  • To provide powerful rescue to the people of earth

Adam was unable to go it alone. Only with Eve, his equal and his counterpart, bringing with her the gifts of life, love, hope, strength, courage, faithfulness, and power would Adam survive.

Together, they had the potential to thrive.

32 Bible studies featuring women

All of the women in this book have left a lasting mark on history. Their stories are in the scriptures to encourage and exhort us as God writes His story into our own lives. May their grit and tenacity, their dignity and tragedy embolden you and me to live out our faith to the full.

For as much as women and men have for centuries gained insight, spiritual growth, and encouragement in their lives of faith through the men portrayed in the Bible, so also, men and women can gain the same bracing illumination through the accounts of women God Himself inspired these ancient writers of scripture to record.

Heroine or Villainess? is available in both paperback and Kindle version, the Kindle preview is below.

Love Feast

Designed for families and groups of friends, the Passover is a festival something like Thanksgiving and something like Easter. There is evidence in the book of Acts the 1st century church enjoyed a modified version of the Passover Seder in their weekly gatherings, often calling it a “Love Feast.”

This haggadah, the product of nearly thirty years’ research and yearly celebration, incorporates the gospel accounts of Jesus’ Last Supper with His disciples, as well as explanations for some key elements in the Passover itself, as it is observed today. The traditional Passover goes long into the night.

This haggadah has been modified so that families with children of all ages can take part, lasting about an hour and a half (including dinner and dancing!).”Love Feast” includes everything you will need to hold your own Passover Seder–order and flow of the worship service, songs, a menu, a list of items you will need, and speaking parts. It concludes with some thoughts on the First Passover, the Last Supper, and our legacy in the Love Feasts of the Bible.

Love Feast is available in both paperback and Kindle version, the Kindle preview is below.

Book cover image

STUDY OF EXODUS: Bondage, Deliverance, Freedon, Provision

The Passover provides the chief picture of our redemption in the Old Testament. However, being freed from the slavery and captivity of Egypt was only the beginning…they weren’t home yet. They still had their old wounds, and the wilderness held new trouble.

Bonnie Zadoretzky

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