Books to Buy

Books to Buy

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32 Ancient Tales of Faith and Valor

Thirty-two studies of women in the Bible have been crafted to engage both your intellect and your imagination, your reasoning powers and your emotional acumen, your “left” brain and your “right” brain. Each study is designed to help you see for yourself what the passage says, what it means, and how God is involving you.
It is my hope for you to experience something fresh and new from the pages of this ancient, yet living, document, God’s Word, as well as to experience the enrichment of spiritual and emotional connection, as you engage in each part of the study.

Joanne Guarnieri Hagemeyer


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STUDY OF EXODUS: Bondage, Deliverance, Freedon, Provision

The Passover provides the chief picture of our redemption in the Old Testament. However, being freed from the slavery and captivity of Egypt was only the beginning…they weren’t home yet. They still had their old wounds, and the wilderness held new trouble.

Bonnie Zadoretzky


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